Monday, February 26, 2007

I was on a travel stint the last few weeks and had the pleasure of renting a car from this "fine" company. The following list is from actual recent experience and "five minutes will save you frustration":

1) Enter, start the car, adjust the seat and mirrors and turn on the lights.
2) Check that the wipers (and the fluids) work. Also, check that the locks open and close. Turn on the lights and the blinkers.
3) Exit the car and check that the car is not damaged in any way (massive dents, flat tires). Verify that the lights are on and the blinkers are working.
4) Stop the car and take out the key. Exit and lock the door. Now open the door with both the remote and the normal key.

This is not to mention the huge amount of fear mongering associated with their insurance fees. They range from reminders of the inclement weather to other craziness.

The more I travel the worse it gets. And its not only the US.